Summer Enrichment

Four Summers, Fully Funded

Instituted in 1974, this first-of-its-kind program is now the centerpiece of the Morehead-Cain: four summers, fully-funded and strategically designed to broaden perspective, deepen understanding, and accelerate life experience:

Hiked across Alaska. Interned at the White House. Shared a thatched hut with seven people, a cat, two dogs and fifteen guinea pigs in Ecuador. Entered Harvard Law School. (Jason Cowley, Class of 2001)

The Summer Enrichment Program provides a common framework within which Scholars customize their Morehead-Cain experience:

With guidance from Morehead-Cain advisors, scholars tailor their summers to explore and expand their personal and professional interests—wherever in the world those interests take them.

Outdoor Leadership

The summer before their freshman year, scholars independently select and participate in one of more than fifty courses offered by Outward Bound or National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Designed to challenge — mentally, emotionally, physically — each three-week course provides an experience as invaluable as it is unforgettable.

The point? To test limits, then overcome them. To foster self-possession through self-reliance and self-reflection. To promote confidence, and the maturity necessary to buttress the demands of responsible leadership.

Public Service

After focusing inward with Outdoor Leadership, the second summer directs scholars’ attention outward to the needs surrounding them by giving them eight to ten weeks to work full-time in hands-on service to others.

The point? To promote the ideal held by John Motley Morehead III, the Morehead-Cain’s visionary founder, who believed it was the responsibility of those to whom much is given to give much in return.

Invariably, scholars return from their summer of service having received a great deal — chief among them, insight into the needs, wishes, and worldview of a culture different from their own; valuable skills in problem-solving, improvising, and team-building; and a practical understanding of the impact their actions, energy, and commitment can have on the lives of others.

Inquiry and Exploration

The third summer scatters scholars across the globe to dig into an arena of personal interest — academic or professional. Scholars customize the summer by choosing either to conduct an independent, in-depth research project or to explore, hands-on, a business or organization through an internship. Lasting anywhere from five to twelve weeks, the Inquiry and Exploration summer cultivates and rewards intellectual depth and curiosity.

The point? Summer one focuses you inward. Summer two turns you outward. Summer three deepens your focus and encourages plumbing the depths of long-held or newly discovered interests.

Private Enterprise

The summers culminate with scholars dipping their toes into post-collegiate waters. Choosing from a wide variety of corporate or government internships, scholars try on professional life, gaining valuable first-hand experience and personal mentoring from top executives in their field.

The point? Whether or not scholars choose to pursue a corporate or government career, first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of either is essential for breadth of perspective.